Andrea Castagna - Violinist
Graduated in violin, summa cum laude and special mention of the ministry, under the guidance of Maestro Antonio Anselmi. He was the first in Italy to obtain the 2nd Level Accademic Diploma in Musical Disciplines - Violin section with a result of 110 cum laude by disputing a thesis on Nathan Milstein at the Istituto Musicale Pareggiato Gaetano Braga of Teramo. He attended prestigious refining courses with Violinists Jan Pospichal, Massimo Quarta and Felix Ayo and for chamber formation with Maestros Nicola Frisardi, Maxence Larrieu and Luciano Cerroni. At the moment he studies with Maestro Alessandro Milani, first violin of the Rai National Symphonic Orchestra in Turin. Followings in the footsteps of his father Antonio,a pianist with whom he had an intense artistic activity, he then continued playing in various formations and solo, with Orchestras of important italian concert Associations such as: Fondazione Adkins-Chiti, Società dei Concerti “Primo Riccitelli Teramo, Fondazione Tercas, Fondazione Carisap, Società del Teatro e della Musica di Pescara, Unione Europea, Stadt Memmingen, Fenaroli Lanciano, Gioventù Musicale Italiana.
He performed Mendelssohn in E minor with the Orchestra sinfonica della Provincia di Bari, conducted by Maestro G. Goffredo and also as a member and soloist performing concertos by Vivaldi with the Eurorchestra di Bari. He founded the "Dukas" quartet and performed within the musical season of the Fondazione "Piccinni" and partecipated in the prestigeous "Musica d'estate" in Positano.
Within the "Nuovo Sipario" project he performed Stamitz's "Sinfonia Concertante" with the Orchestra Sinfonica Abruzzese. He was collaborated, also, with solist from the Marche region, with I Solisti Aquilani, with the Orchestra da Camera " Benedetto Marcello" (playing Haydn's Concerto and the 5th Brandeburg by Bach).
Along with the Orchestra Giovanile Abruzzese he performed at the "Vittoriano" in front of Minister Letizia Moratti and President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi for the 2001/2002 inauguration of the Quirinale. Also he has performed during the New Years Concert, in front of the Italian Head of State and in the Paolo VI hall, for the Sick person's Jubulee in front of Pope John Paul II. All these events were broadcast live by RAI.
His musical experience isn't confined only in classical music but also touched more modern music. He played with the Italian Big Band contucted by Maestro Marco Renzi which partecipated in many RAI programs. He has collaborated with the "Four for Tango" quartet with the jazz musician Renzo Ruggieri.
From 2004 he was part of the Orchestra Giovanile "UTO UGHI PER ROMA" in witch he also played as a soloist. He also works, as a duo, with the pianists Piero Di Egidio and Giuliano Mazzoccante with whom he performes the more important pieces of the classical and romantic repertoire.
He has played with the Orchestra Sinfonica della Rai di Torino and with the Ensemble Archi della Scala. From 2008 he his the first violin of the Viotti Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Franco Mezzena, with whom he also played as a soloist. In December of 2009, with the same group, he played the prestigeous "I Concerti del Quirinale" review, broadcast live on RadioRai3, with Franco Mezzena and Roberto Prosseda as solist.
Recently, the "Quattro Stagioni" of Vivaldi was published by Wide Classique in which, not only was he supporting violin, but he is also a soloist with Maestro Franco Mezzena in the Concerto for two violins in A minor by Vivaldi.
In the month of November 2009 he collaborated with Radio Frequenza, radio station of the Teramo University, within the program "Toccata e Fuga", created by the journalist Tiziana Mattia and dedicated to the great performers of the past century.
In the mount of November 2010 he performed, with the Teramo Trio, in Philadelphia (USA) in the Marshall Auditorium of Haverford College, in the Lincoln Hall of the Union League and in the General Consolate of Italy:
He recently came back from a tour in Japan and China with the Orchestra di Santa Cecilia of Rome conducted by Maetsro Antonio Pappano.
Already a teacher at the Istituto Pareggiato "Gaetano Braga" of Teramo, he also teached Group music for strings at the Conservatorio "Lugi Canepa" in Sassari. He plays a 1938 Marino Capicchioni violin.
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